School Admission Pamphlet


Nursery, Primary & High School (CBSE & STATE SYLLABUS)

School Motto: Quality Education in competitive world using present technology.

Techno School:

  • Quality Education through smart class enabled and computers to suit modern technology in the world.
  • The classrooms are converted to smart class enabled, equipped with the state of the art smart class.
  • Digital Teaching System, the first of its kind in the world with integrated computer, interactive white board, UPS and a green chalk board.
  • Excellent Result
  • Well equipped e-lab and e-library.
  • Counseling Room for the children in need for educational, socio and cognitive disorders.
  • Transport facility available.
  • Play and learn equipments for the Kindergarten children.
  • National Best School Award in Science and Mathematics Examinations.
  • Sports activities are also given importance.
  • Qualified Staffs
  • Spacious ecofriendly campus with huge ground of 2.5 acres of land

For Applications and all other queries,

  • Please Contact School Office.
    Between 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on following Phone Numbers:
    PHONE: 080-32428637, MOBILE: 9986212698
  • Mail us to: &
  • Website:

Author: francisglad

Principal, Dear Parent, Our school is for the needy children who need qality education in simpler fees structure. Our school never compromises on quality of teaching and evaluation. Motherly care is offered to each child depending on their needs and talents. we try to inculcate the habits of achieving success through hard work. Leadership qualities through morality. Happiness through sharing and simple living. I do not entertain the young children to get encouraged through unlawful activities. On the whole a humble child will get a place in my school, "first"

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