1st lang Kannada:

1st Language Kannada

Kannada Magic Number 35+ from Madan Sir

ವ್ಯಾಕರಣ ಮಾರ್ಗ from Madan Sir

2nd language English:

10th_2nd lang_englsih_passing_package2017

2nd Language English

3rd language Hindi:

3rd Language Hindi

3rd Language Hindi Passing Package

Maths :

Mathematics – English

Science :

Science –English

Science – Passing Package

Social Science :

Social Science – English

10 Social Science Passing Package 2016

Social Science Passing Package Mission 28 from Madan Sir

Board :

Answer Booklet 20 Pages



Author: francisglad

Principal, Dear Parent, Our school is for the needy children who need qality education in simpler fees structure. Our school never compromises on quality of teaching and evaluation. Motherly care is offered to each child depending on their needs and talents. we try to inculcate the habits of achieving success through hard work. Leadership qualities through morality. Happiness through sharing and simple living. I do not entertain the young children to get encouraged through unlawful activities. On the whole a humble child will get a place in my school, "first"

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